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Message  Bang Bang le Mer 21 Avr - 0:24

Je suis tombé sur ça ...

Surement une nouvelle pouf pour accompagner Yu-Pan dans le harem de Chen ...

Bang Bang, que c'est mignon (la pointe de la flèche) ...

Bang Bang

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Utaku Naoko Empty Re: Utaku Naoko

Message  Moto Yoee le Mer 21 Avr - 0:54

A mon avis, on ne la verra pas sous forme de carte.

[Le commentaire de Mario Wibisono]
This 23 years old young woman is the prestigious battle maiden of the Unicorn Clan. She is a typical Rokugani profile, not coming from Mongolian ethnicity, but she has a gaijin ancestry, giving her a emerald green eyes and plump lips. Thin, alert, athletic, she always seems to be in motion, and having her skin tanned of her endless rides in the sun.

Quite sociable, there is good in her and she is not afraid to show her feelings. Her beauty is a blend of freedom in movement and graceful lines, with very expressive eyes. However, Benten, fortune of romantic love, cursed her following her love affair with the Lion, and her eyes now often look harder than she would want, and her smile seems more predator-like that it should be. Clairvoyant, she discerns people’s motivations easily, which tempers Benten’s harshness about her eyes. When she stretches her bow, she shows a great determination.

She is a Sensei in many skills, including archery, mounted archery, horse riding, kenjutsu, meditation and calligraphy. Her main arsenal is the Daikyu or Japanese long bow named Jikoju (‘Eastern Wind’). This bow, 2,30m long, allows her to shoot from while horse-riding, thanks to a specific handle, placed at the first third of the length of the bow. She never leaves it. It is carved and engraved with mystic signs of Isawa Uona, the mystic mistress of air and the giver of this powerful weapon.

Naoko rides a black mare named Izumi, who she always knew. Black, tall, strong and swift, she is the Naoko’s sister, the being without which, like any Shiotome, she would be nothing. Naoko and Azumi communicate silently, thanks to the advantage "Otaku ancestor”. The mare has already directly saved Naoko’s life three times. It has a high quality equipment, a leather saddle, stirrups and all modern equipment, unlike traditional Rokuganis horses. Azumi has a strong personality, and often expresses her agreement or disagreement with her mistress by pushing her with her head!


An illustration of Legend of the Five Rings based on fiction character of L5R written by David Frantz ADRIEN.

Otako Naoko copyright David Frantz ADRIEN.
Legend of the Five Rings copyright Alderac Entertainment Group. For more info about L5R, please visit www.l5r.com

Apparemment c'est une commande privée, peu de chance donc que ça soit utilisé par AEG. Wink

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Utaku Naoko Empty Re: Utaku Naoko

Message  Euzhebus le Sam 15 Mai - 15:08

J'avais raté ça!!
Si ils pouvaient reprendre l'illu et en faire un perso taillé comme rekai ou Latomu!!! tongue

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Utaku Naoko Empty Re: Utaku Naoko

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