[EAW] Shatter the Line - Strategy

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[EAW] Shatter the Line - Strategy Empty [EAW] Shatter the Line - Strategy

Message  Shinjo Shono le Mer 4 Aoû - 9:04

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Shatter the Line


This card has -1 Gold Cost for each Tactician you control in the current battlefield.

Battle - Choose your current unbowed Tactician. Destroy an enemy card without attachments.

Seeing as there's a new stronghold for one of our themes, and it being arguably one of our best strongholds this arc, I think people will want to try out Tacticians. That being said, to my knowledge Uni doesn't really have enough kill actions on hand fate side (aside from BM) that are useful. Sure there are better kill actions, but hey gotta take what we can get right?
Shinjo Shono
Shinjo Shono

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[EAW] Shatter the Line - Strategy Empty Re: [EAW] Shatter the Line - Strategy

Message  evilmerlin le Mar 10 Aoû - 10:05

I can see this being used in conjunction Peasant Vengence and Overpowering Assault. Play a Commander/Tactician deck out of Outsider Keep.


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